Calacatta is a premium marble variety mined from a number of quarries in the Carrara and Lucchesia areas. Its main benefit is creating a stunning visual effect in any room or space. Its elegance, warm white hue and grey to golden veining create a truly breathtaking effect.

Calacatta Bettogli

001 calacatta lastra
001 calacatta dettaglio

Calacatta Bettogli marble displays an ivory-white background with light grey to fawn veins. This premium marble variety is mined from the Bettogli quarries.

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia

002 calacatta lastra
002 calacatta dettaglio

Calacatta with pronounced, pervasive veining, ideal for bookmatch layouts. Its ivory-white background is criss-crossed by veins spanning from light grey to fawn tinged with gold.

Calacatta Venato

003 calacatta lastra
003 calacatta dettaglio

Calacatta typically featuring an ivory-white background and veins of varying thickness, which make it ideal for projects designed to emphasize its free-running veins as well as for bookmatch solutions.

Calacatta Cremo

004 calacatta cremo lastra
004 calacatta cremo dettaglio

Calacatta typically displaying a light fawn background with blurry greyish, golden and ivory veins.

Calacatta Monet

005 calacatta monet lastra
005 calacatta monet dettaglio

This marble has a striking personality due to its structure and marked golden, dark green and sometimes purplish veining.