Cava di Marmi
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Our company bases its roots on a solid family tradition, which counts several generations of passionate and expert connoisseurs of Natural Stone.

blocco di marmo

Marmiprismar is a company that operates in the renowned stone sector of Carrara.

Founded in 1991, Marmiprismar holds a prestigious position in stone for the selection and proposal of precious and building marbles.

The activity of import and export of marble and granite from all over the world, has allowed over time to become a reference point for consulting and testing natural stone . Furthermore, our constant presence in the quarries of Carrara , offers the customer any category of classic white marble, statuary and calacatta.

MarmiPrismar is a company with great experience and knowledge of marble and granite, together with a consolidated relationship of collaboration with technicians in the sector, allows us to offer designers always new ideas for the realization of even more complex architectural works.


The marble slabs selected for any project will be subjected to careful testing and cataloged according to a careful view of the surface of each.


We select and test marble blocks directly in the quarry. Upon specific request, the blocks that are best suited for the current project will be selected, in terms of size and quality.


Carrara marble is considered, both in Italy and abroad, the marble par excellence and one of the most precious stones of all. They are distinguished by structure, shades of white and type of grain.

The Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps rise a few kilometers from the coast of Versilia and reach altitudes of up to 2000 meters above sea level. These mountains, from which the famous Carrara marble is extracted, extend between the Garfagnana, Massa Carrara and Versilia and since ancient times have been a destination for pilgrimages and crossed to reach places of worship in Tuscany. The extraction of marble from the quarries of the Apuan Alps certainly represents the first source of wealth in these places.

The Carrara marble basin is certainly the most impressive and important; along the entire ridge of this mountain range there are marble quarries of the most varied qualities, from whites of Carrara, to Grays, to Brecce etc. .

cave marmo di carrara
Reference picture: Cervaiole quarry, Monte Altissimo