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The foundation of our company lies in a family based business with a shared passion for natural stone

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Marmiprismar is a company active in the world-famous Carrara stone industry.

Established in 1991, Marmiprismar is a leading company in the selection and sale of premium and building marble.
Our expertise in importing and exporting marble and granite from around the world firmly places us as the go-to partner for natural stone assessment and consulting services. In addition, our constant presence at the Carrara quarries makes us uniquely positioned to offer clients classic white marble, Statuary marble and Calacatta marble of any category.
MarmiPrismar combines significant knowledge and expertise in marble and granite with long-standing partnerships with highly skilled technical professionals, enabling us to constantly develop new ideas to help designers successfully complete even the most complex architectural projects.



The marble slabs selected for each building project are carefully assessed and classified based on a thorough visual inspection of each surface.


Upon specific request, we provide block selection and assessment services on site at the quarry. We select the blocks that best suit each specific project in terms of size and quality.


Carrara White marble is globally recognized as the marble par excellence and one of the world’s most valuable stones. It stands out for its unique structure, shade and veining.

The Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps rise just a few kilometres from the Versilia coast and reach a height of 2000 metres above sea level. The source of the famed Carrara marble, these mountains extend from Garfagnana and Massa Carrara to the Versilia region, and since ancient times have been a pilgrimage destination as well as a gateway for countless faithful to reach other places of worship in Tuscany. Marble quarrying from the Apuan Alps is without doubt a primary source of wealth for this area.
The Carrara marble basin is unquestionably the most massive and important in the region. The entire mountain range is dotted with marble quarries yielding a wide range of marble varieties spanning from Whites to Greys to Breccia as well as many others.

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