Carrara marble

Carrara marble is globally recognized as the marble par excellence and one of the world’s most valuable stones. The Carrara quarries in the Apuan Alps are the best-known worldwide.
Marble is classified in different commercial categories based on its characteristics. The materials mined from each of the many quarries vary in structure, colour and type of veining and include classic Carrara Whites, Statuary, Calacatta and Arabescato.

Bianco Carrara

Carrara Whites stand out for their unique structure, shade of white and type of veining. Varieties displaying a lighter background colour and fine, evenly distributed veining are classified as White C, while those with a greyish background will be classified as White CD. The cost of these materials varies according to their classification.


Calacatta is a fine-grained marble with a warm-white background and blurry veining ranging from light taupe to grey-brown. A favourite among interior designers, Calacatta is ideal for both bookmatch and free-length vein solutions. Whether used in furnishings or as flooring, Calacatta marble is the undisputed star in any room, from bathrooms to stylish, light-filled living spaces.


Statuary is the king of marbles by definition. Well-known since antiquity, it’s unique among all other marble varieties for its pure white background and excellent structure. Its greyish veins vary in size and shape for a stunning visual impact.


Arabescato marble is renowned across the world as the hallmark of quality and refinement. Its distinctive features include compactness and elegance, which make it particularly flexible to suit any kind of space, for example as wall lining or flooring in luxury apartments or places with high humidity levels such as spas.