Slabs Testing

Marmiprismar’s main point of difference, today universally appreciated and recognized, is providing clients with an exceptionally accurate service in sourcing and selecting any marble they require.
We leverage cutting-edge technology, including videos and renderings, to deliver a comprehensive overview of the structure and quality of the selected slabs. This combines with the dedication of our sales staff, ensuring the job is completed to the client’s full satisfaction.

The marble slabs selected for each project are carefully assessed and classified based on a thorough visual inspection of each surface. Any imperfections are closely examined and corrected using special resins ensuring flawless results.
Premium marble deserves utmost care and attention at every stage of the working process.

collaudo lastre di marmo bianco

Marmiprismar’s work with clients starts out by jointly selecting the most suitable types of marble for the specific setting where it will be installed. Clients are provided with specific support for projects involving free-length vein or bookmatch designs. In addition, Marmiprismar can partner clients in devising and developing cutting solutions specific to the selected slabs, in order to accurately recreate specific veining patterns or other designs.

collaudo lastre di marmo
collaudo lastre marmo