Upon specific request, we provide block selection and assessment services on site at the quarry. We select the blocks that best suit each specific project in terms of size and quality. Block assessment is a critical stage as it enables us to run simulations of what the final vein pattern will look like in the slabs obtained from the blocks.

collaudo blocchi

The blocks that will prove up to specifications will be selected and carried to the sawmill for cutting. Any flaws detected will be corrected by carefully applying top-quality resins. The block will be then “jacketed”, that is, encased in a special netting holding the whole block together for optimal results.

Blocks marked as fit for sawing will be placed on the sawing bench and cut into the desired thickness. The slabs thus obtained will then be sent on to the next stage of the process.

collaudo blocchi in cava
collaudo blocchi di marmo