Marmo Arabescato

Arabescato marble is classified in the medium-quality category, between premium Statuary and Calacatta, as all of these marble varieties are often found in the same quarries. It’s viewed as one of the most classic veined marbles, with Arabescato artworks and artifacts frequently found in churches and cathedrals dating from the 12th century onwards.

Arabescato Corchia

001 arabescato lastra
001 arabescato dettaglio

Corchia Arabescato marble is extracted from the Corchia quarries in the upper Versilia area, 1300 metres above sea level. It combines an ivory-white background with grey-bluish, typically egg-shaped veins, making this type of marble a favourite among architects.

Arabescato Corchia

002 arabescato corchia lastra
002 arabescato corchia dettaglio

Besides its elegance, the main feature of Corchia Arabescato is its excellent crystal structure, which makes this marble compact and perfect to grace any setting.

Arabescato Cervaiole

003 arabescato lastra
003 arabescato dettaglio

Cervaiole Arabescato is quarried from the top of Mount Altissimo in upper Versilia. Its superb quality, renowned the word over, lies in the elegance and distinctiveness of its pure ivory-white hue. Its often egg-shaped veining is a sophisticated light grey colour.

Arabescato Vagli

004 arabescato vagli lastra
004 arabescato vagli dettaglio

Vagli Arabescato takes its name from the Vagli quarries in the Lucchesia region. It boasts an excellent structure and refined appearance, with an ivory-white background interwoven with veins ranging from light grey to greenish. Today Vagli Arabescato is an iconic marble widely used in furnishing for elegant, long-lasting creations.