Bianco Carrara

Carrara Whites stand out for their unique structure, shade of white and type of veining. Varieties displaying a lighter background colour and fine, evenly distributed veining are classified as White C, while those with a greyish background will be classified as White CD. The cost of these materials varies according to their classification.

Bianco Gioia

marmo bianco gioia
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The historic Cava del Gioia is located 850 metres above sea level and overlooks the valley stretching from Carrara to the sea. The topmost wall of the quarry is decorated with one of renowned Brazilian street artist Eduard Kobra’s most beautiful works of art, a 110-square metre copy of Michelangelo’s Davide. “Gioia White” – the white marble extracted from this quarry – is a charming, elegant marble variety that has won the admiration of many an interior designer for its unique shade of white and veining. Although it’s one of the finest Carrara Whites, as with all natural stones it comes in different degrees of quality, from the top white C range down to the medium and low CD categories.

Bianco Carrara Campanili

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White “Cava Campanili” marble is mined from the Campanili quarry, one of the best-known and celebrated in the world. The quality of its shade of white is unmistakable for brilliance and type of veining, placing this marble among the finest Carrara Whites. Its unique radiance and shine make it ideal as decorative marble to build interior design elements such as staircases, flooring and furnishings, both in private homes and public places. Carrara White “Campanili” marble is classified as a medium- to top-range White, offering the very best shade of white defined as “C”.

Bianco Carrara Canaloni

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Canaloni marble is one of the hardest, most durable marble varieties of all and is used to make the basins where the world-famous “lardo di Colonnata” (cured fatback produced in the town of Colonnata, located in the Carrara municipality) is aged. The marble from the Canaloni quarry is used across the world as exterior lining as well as for washbasins, bathroom lining and kitchen counters due to its natural waterproofness. It was even used to make the Grand’Arche grand staircase in Paris’s futuristic Defence district as well as for the Frankfurt airport. Carrara White “Canaloni” marble is part of the range defined as “CD”, which includes first and second choice.

Bianco Venatino

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Venatino di Carrara marble is unique for its exquisite veining ranging from light to dark grey. The background is white-greyish. Its medium-fine grain makes it compact, with no surface porosity. It is suitable for any exterior and interior use as well as for any surface finish.