Statuary marble is the marble par excellence as well as a premium-quality natural stone. Its unparalleled beauty has made it the star of the most prestigious venues across the world. Its grey veining ideally complements its radiant white background.
Each Statuary variety differs mainly for type of veining, which ranges from fine to medium to thick, each block having its own specificities and uniqueness.


001 statuario lastra
001 statuario dettaglio

The unmistakable hallmark of Statuary marble is its unique veining, set off by the pure white background.

Statuario Vena Fine

002 statuario lastra
002 statuario dettaglio

The wide range of Statuary marbles also includes varieties like this one, featuring a fine yet marked veining.


003 statuario lastra
003 statuario dettaglio

Statuarietto marble is part of the Statuary variety but of a lower category. It features a very fine, jagged veining.


004 statuario lastra
004 statuario dettaglio

Its radiant white background and grey veining make this marble perfect for luxury interiors as well as to create true works of art in interior lining.